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Keswick Good News

August 17, 2010

1177, originally uploaded by 8lanefreeway.

While we were in the Lake District we visited Keswick. There is a special event called the Keswick convention which is held here and has been going for more than a 130 years. Our Grandma Margaret came here a long time ago, and she heard the Lord tell her what to do and she believed and obeyed. The convention wasn’t on when we went, so we went and saw a car show with lots of great cars like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! After that we came out to this shopping mall and waddyaknow – here was this fellow giving a really great little gospel talk. Just like Granny Margaret heard only he had drawings and pictures. We stayed to listen and Dad spoke to him afterwards. I’m not sure what Dad was asking, Fred, but it was probably to say that Granny Margaret would have approved – and that’s a really good thing! He was very brave to start talking to all those people like that when he hadn’t even met them before. Dad says that he was an ‘evenjellyiced’ which is not a dessert but a big word for saying he was a good news talker. (I might have the spelling of that word wrong but it sounds something like that).

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