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Mum – you’re great!

May 9, 2011

Yesterday was a very special day because it was mother’s day. Our cousin, Piper, came around with her mum and after church we had a big lunch together with Oma (who is also a mum) and all the family. Uncle Miles got me all worked up by sharing about some big anxiety which I wasn’t to get anxious about. He was going on the hugest adventure travelling on a caraship to Antarctica – that is somewhere near Perth, Fred. Perth is quite close to Brazil, Fred, I’ll show you all these things on a map later. It was going to be very cold for Uncle Miles so we gave him a sleeping bag to keep warm in. Sometimes when Uncle Miles comes over he is very quiet. He wasn’t so quiet yesterday…I think that he was very excited about the big trip. He kept taking pictures of me singing about wobblies. We all sang happy birthday to him in church…hip, hip hooray! In order to settle down our anxiety mum gave us some special dessert which was called Vienetta icecream and comes all the way from the Austro-Habsburg empire according to Aunty Gia who helpfully showed Oliver where Vienna was made. We learn so much when our aunties and uncles visit us. I helped my cousin learn how to eat Vienetta – watch me, Piper, if you eat like me then all your anxieties will disappear in a mouthful!

You know, Fred, if you really want to understand about how special mums are then you need to listen to this song! I love my mum – she’s great. And I liked eating the biscuits which I made for her for mum’s special day!

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