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The Half

May 12, 2011

Hey Fred, this week our old man (that’s Dad) is finally going to run the Half Marathon which he has been training for. Yes training – you know, all those times we would go off with mum to play at the park and eventually Dad would roll up about half an hour later in shorts and T-shirt all sweaty and thirsty, and then he’d ask for a kiss and hug and I tell you there was no way I was going to hug him then!  Well, that’s called training runs and it has all been for the run on this Sunday in the SMH Half Marathon. Apparently Dad ran it 3 years ago but for some of us that is a lifetime away.  Seb has some story about running then too and even beating Dad, but I find that hard to believe, Fred. I mean look at Seb – he runs up the stairs these days and he’s puffing – how could he have ever run a Half?!

Anyway this time Dad is also doing some fundraising for a group called Bears of Hope. This group offers support & guidance for parents who experience the loss of their baby during pregnancy, birth or infancy. That sounds like a really worthwhile cause. This fundraising is just something that people do when they go on this Half Marathon – people raise funds to support lots of different groups. There is even a list of the top fund raisers – one guy Mark has raised almost $6,930. You could buy about 20 million ice blocks with all that money, Fred! How much has Dad raised? Well, you can check out his ‘hero page’ here, but I wouldn’t get too excited. Last time I checked he was on $0.00 so I hope those bears aren’t pinning too much hope on our Dad’s efforts. But he did say that some people have donated directly rather than go through the online page.

The race starts at 6.45am and you can see where Dad will be while we are having breakfast if you look at the course map. Dad’s main concern is to finish the Half by 9am so that he can get back for church on time – it’s Holy Communion and he’s on deck. I tell you what though Fred, I reckon he better have a good shower before he goes into church on Sunday! Let’s cheer him on Fred: Run, Dad, Run!


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