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Forward to Victory!

June 18, 2011

Saturday 18 June 2011 is now a day etched into rugby history. This morning the fans of the lout and supporters of the mighty 14Es (a team which the pater also played for in another era at another school,which, by the way, has won this year’s Head of the River) drove across the harbour to play the boys from St Joseph’s Hunters Hill. A brisk but beautiful blue sky winter’s day saw the boys in cerise and blue get off to a strong start and, with an early try, it looked as if a familiar game pattern was developing – a runaway game to the boys on the hill. But the Scots boys gathered together, the captain and coach told them to focus and remember what they were here for. Presumably this advice was expressed along the motivational lines of the late David Brockhoff, (see below), for suddenly there was a marvel to behold. The team who had just performed like soggy arrowroot biscuits, was transformed into a steamtrain-rolling-juggernaut of forward momentum which was enough to scare the daylight underpants off any Joeys boy who sought to stand in the way. The lout was playing wing but, neither his position nor head high tackles stopped him joining the juggernaut and charging into the forward pack – he, along with every Scots man, stampeded forward in a furious rage with Joeys jumpers hanging on for grim life. There was so much cerise and blue flying around in gay abandon that from the sideline it was more akin to watching a  Jackson Pollock artwork being produced than a rugby game. This was scintillating stuff! This is what the supporters had come to see! The crowd became more and more vocal in support and, while Zoe sipped her solo drink and Fred ate his hamburger on the stand next to the schoolboy fathers’ BBQ, the 14Es team ploughed through the Joeys pack to score.  Even the referee, a young Joey’s fellow who did not appear to have much knowledge of the game or his reason for being there, had to abandon his hitherto partisan approach and join the rampant lion as it stormed down the field for try after try. Finally, the ref realised there was no more he could do and so he blew the final whistle to thunderous applause and huge smiles from the Scots team and barracking supporters. The score: 21-12 – mark that down in the record books! A perfect warm up for the afternoon’s big one: can the Scots First XV who are themselves one of the top-notched favourites for the GPS competition, emulate the feat of the 14Es? One thing is for certain, if they were watching the lout and his team today then they will already be all fired up for action! Scots to the Fore!

PS  Dave Brockhoff was renowned for sayings such as: ”You’ll run out, you’ll line up on the other side of halfway, and then you’re going to go through them like a madman in a glass factory with a crowbar”

On the passing of Brockhoff see:

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