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The first abode!

June 20, 2011

While the lout was preparing for the big match against the kids in cerise over the Gladesville Bridge, there was opportunity for a drive around the area where we spent the first couple of years post-wedding and pre-offspring. Surprise, surprise there was the old reception venue opposite the rugby field…looking very different in the light of day! And then on to the next suburb and there was Number 43 – looking a lot snappier and smarter than it was almost 25 years ago. Nearly 2 years were spent in the villa of Glades  – life included the Putney punt to get across to teach at Concord, being driven to Chatswood to work in the actuarial department at Aetna life insurance, watching the original Bourne Identity on the neighbour’s videoplayer, Christchurch our local fellowship community…and apart from the house burning down next door and the occasional table turning day, a pleasant home to start off married life. And how could we forget those two big cats, Alfie and Tum, who quickly realised that the option of living in 69 Billyard was a good move to make in 1988.


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