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Point of view

June 23, 2011

They say that a picture tells a thousand words. Perhaps so, however, a photo like this one also leaves out a thousand words. It was the final excursion of the bargain four tourist ticket with the final day of the 30 day period providing no opportunity to postpone the visit to Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower. The dynamic duo were sick and had given their parents one of the most challenging nights for some time…’let’s see if we can get mum and dad out of bed 50 times between midnight and 4am’ was clearly the game they had agreed upon before bed that evening. Bleary-eyed that morning there was no option to postpone the Tower visit and there was reluctance to cancel the visit altogether, so boldly and with stouthearted resolve (Psalm 138 had been the Psalm the night before) the decision was taken to seize the day. Bold and stout hearts were needed along with plenty of energy to push and coax two weary and fragile toddlers from the car parked outside the Botannical Gardens, up past the Art Gallery, across the Park past St James Church (the very same building in which the Reverend Samuel Marsden preached on the text “Arise, shine, for your light has come” some 200 years earlier on January 2012) and then through the newly furbished Westfield and up the lift to the top of Sydney Tower. But not before Zoe had locked herself in the toilets, thrown herself down on the floor half a dozen times and let out the most ear-piercing cries to ensure that the CBD community were well aware of her visit to town and, no doubt breathed a sigh of relief on news of her departure. Nonetheless, despite all the challenges eventually the tired, fragile toddlers were able to get around and appreciate the magnificent views on this glorious winter’s day. And as the photo does reveal they had fun discovering different points of view as they enjoyed the exhibits. Escaping outside, the excursion was capped off with some beer battered fish and chips in the Botannical Gardens next to the Levy fountain. But no time to relax in the sun…’I just want to get home’ was the refrain. And half an hour later, all were sound asleep at home in bed!

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