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1st time with two dependents

December 5, 2011

Some of you may know that my parents have reached the milestone of 25 years this week and so decided to take some time and get away for a couple of days. Being the brave, loving and loyal daughter that I am I said that I was happy to look after the youngest two for the three days.

It’s the first day and we’re going strong. After a 6.30 am start (a sleep in apparently) we began a jam packed day that involved a rid on a bus, seeing santa and a near disaster with the escalator.
Some of the highlighters were Zoe being my hairdresser and Alexander – when told to get his own brush, came back with a toothbrush which was quickly removed and a proper brush found for him to be used on my hair. The christmas music has been on repeat since this morning, at Alexander’s demand and Zoe continues to show Alexander everything that he must do, including being her horse, only using the textas that she allows him to use and that wearing socks whenever she does.

I am surviving, I have cooked the dinner and look forward to some free time (and the gym) when they head to bed. Lets hope tomorrow is as good a day.


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  1. fifi permalink

    It’s a good experience, have fun!

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